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Monday, September 12, 2011


Hello gorgeous readers! We are proud to announce that this will be our first product review!! The entry will be in a sticky mode for a week ya. A cute girl emailed us regarding this new brand she's venturing into. Jesse's Girl. Imported. We decided that we should give a try on this and help her out in getting the product line info disseminated to you :)

Receiving the parcel was like having a Christmas gift tucked under the Christmas tree. =D. Nicely wrapped and we had a hard time unwrapping the products as we super love the packaging!

What's inside??

There you go..6 lovely colors of cute pigment eye dust, eye primer, an eyeliner, 3 lip glosses of sexy colours!

Those are the 6 pigment eye dust. We were very excited to apply the eye dust and will show you how they look after being applied.

This is the model..

Firstly she applied the lip gloss to see the difference they make to her face. We arranged this according to the lightness tone so that you can easily tell which one that you like the most!

..the pink lip gloss. very light as well as giving you the easy look on you lips. cool and natural..

..the colour is a bit darker than the 1st one. We love this one, not too light yet not too striking. Just nice and sweet!

..This color highlights the sexiness of the lips! Looks stunning on our model. To mild it up, you can apply a natural color lip balm before applying this gloss.

Lips is all settled, let us see what can we do with the eye dust..

For the 1st make up, we apply those 3 colors. Before that, we put the eye primer at the area that the eye dust will be applied.

Taraaa! Nice? The golden dust gave the natural base look. Add on the blue and pink eye dust and make yourself beautiful with it!

Never forget the eyeliner. It makes huge difference!

Next, the model applied another 3 colors.

Not forgetting the eyeliner as well..This is another nice combination where it enhances the uniqueness of the make up concept. Seriously it looked fresh!

Finally! We're done trying the product. Those were imported and will be sent right to your doorstep. We strongly recommend you to purchase the products. As we were concern on the product line, we youtube-ed Jesse's Girl and found various videos on the products, testimonials and the tutorials. We were amazed with the products, especially the eye dust. We even googled them up to find out what other eye-products they are having!

This picture is the final picture with the 2nd eye-dust combination applied with the Jesse's Girl lip gloss. You can also give them a try!

For more information, you may visit Fringe Fashion! The seller is providing you the information on this product as well. To read it, please click here.

Have fun shopping with them! We guarantee that you will love Jesse's Girl as much as we love it! Explore what you can do with the products, beautify yourself with them and cherish the affordable price!

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